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Sorry for waiting

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 6, 2017, 4:37 PM
Hi i wanted apolagize to everyone that they need so long wait for commissions , unlucky last times i got throught artist depresion if we can say it this way
i look at my works and i feel they are not good and that i'm low while i see artist who draw so aweome way even if its simple style they do , i try to make more orginal arts now need to show something myself to get up from this weakens , i want get better i want my art to be good to be worth looking at them so i'm sorry that commission might need go slow but from time to time i might still try do practice arts to improve coz i realy want my commissioners to be 100% happy from waht i get not only coz of that to not disapoint them but also for my self to be proud of arts i made for them and know that its looking good

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GroxikavonDarkside Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2017  Student General Artist
An artist must be open-minded for all of their surroundings, art is not just fetish art and commission but feelings and inner thoughts.

You must be aware of what you feel, sometimes you must be arrogant and not do what society wants ou to do... but what you feel

And you'll improve in no time
SupremeSer Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2017  New Deviant Student General Artist
don't worry. in many ways , you are the tirth best artist i know (through the top 2 is one of the best ones in da , and top 1 is probably one of the 10 best artists in atuality) and also my favorite artist. you draw extremely good. i will take loong to catch up with you (like , 2 years. this is very long to my accelerated growth rate) and there is one thing that make you my favorite artist. you have some real charisma in your art. and some hard work. and anyway , if you really want to improve , i have a special technique : make many styles not to máster , and combine their good parts and máster this new style. this can really work sometimes. through it is hard to do. anyways , hope you a great future , much improvement and the best i can wish you. seeya later.
blackfeenix Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2017
Tomek, your art is been good and its been getting better. I have looked allot of art work arround DA and other places, they all look good and some not, but one thing is allways constant. Its they unique way of drawing. You could say that you learn to know how draw the picture from the unique style. Your art style is very unique and good as well. If your art wasent good, why people like them and do comissions then? You just need to trust youself that your art is good, and practice new ideas is allways good couse there yours unique things. Stay strong friend.
Goku230 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Jak to mówią, praktyka czyni mistrza.
Każdy czasem potrzebuje chwili, aby móc zająć się czymś innym, to jest akurat zrozumiałe :)
Tak szczerze, to już to Ci wspomniałem wcześniej, ale i tak jeszcze raz to zrobię - Twój styl jak i Twoje rysunki coraz bardziej wywołują u mnie szok (w pozytywnym znaczeniu oczywiście), że aż czasem mi jest ciężko w to uwierzyć, co widzę. Mam po prostu takie "wow" lub coś w ten deseń.
Ale wracając. Życzę Ci dużo motywacji, pomysłów i sił do tworzenia oraz też ćwiczenia swojego stylu brahu :)
kirby5329 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2017
yeah sure go ahead. I've always thought your art as amazing but its also important that your satisfied with your work too so yeah feel free to practice any time.
Oddity367 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I've always thought your art was amazing.I actually joined DA after looking at various works that you'd done in hope of seeing more, I have not been disappointed. 🙂
alftheotter Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2017
It's fine. I'm sure whenever you do finish my commission it will be great work. Take what time you need. 
DraconicTharos Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
It's fine :)
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